Echo cancellation is a function typically found in communication software designed to remove the echo effect that can occur during online calls or video conferences. This function works by identifying and removing any repeated audio signals that may be picked up by your microphone from your speakers, thus ensuring a clear and echo-free communication experience.

Why You Should Disable Echo Cancellation When Recording a Podcast Online. 

  1. Audio Quality: Echo cancellation algorithms can sometimes introduce artifacts and degrade the quality of the recorded audio. These algorithms are optimized for real-time communication rather than high-quality recording.
  2. Sound Consistency: When echo cancellation is active, it may inadvertently remove parts of the audio, especially if there are overlapping sounds. This can lead to inconsistent sound quality in your podcast recordings.
  3. Microphone and Speaker Setups: For podcast recordings, it’s common to use headphones instead of speakers, which eliminates the need for echo cancellation. Using a good quality microphone and headphones setup ensures that no audio from the speakers is picked up by the microphone.

For safety reasons, ECHO CANCELLATION is ON for all participants when they join Boomcaster sessions. Guests are offered an opportunity to change this setting, when they join. But hosts can change this setting any time during the session for any participant. Go to Device and open the tab for each user to change echo cancellation.

Best Practices for Recording Podcasts Online

  1. Use Headphones: Always use headphones to prevent the microphone from picking up audio from your speakers.
  2. Use a Quality Microphone: Invest in a good quality microphone to ensure clear and high-quality audio.
  3. Check Your Environment: Record in a quiet environment to minimize background noise.