There are 4 different roles in Boomcaster.

  1. Host: Owner of the Boomcaster account. Controls scheduling and recording of all sessions in the account. There can only be 1 host in a session.
  2. Guest: Any participant who is in the recording session with the host. Guest can be recorded on audio and/or video, depending on permissions guest provides the host. There can be 5 guests in a session.
  3. Producer: A participant invited by the host to help manage the recording session. You can read more here. You can only have 1 producer in a session. A producer's permission is limited only to the specific session that they are invited to.
  4. Audience: Any participant joining the session as a listener/viewer. Audience members are not visible in the session and will not be able to interact with any of the participants. This role is used when legal or press members are needed in an interview. There can only be 3 audience members in a session.