Reauthorizing Facebook might be necessary, if you are unable to see the desired Facebook pages or groups in the list of destinations. 

Why am I not seeing my page/group?

  1. You may not have given Boomcaster permissions the first time you connected Boomcaster fo Facebook.
  2. You may have accidentally revoked Boomcaster permissions from Facebook.
  3. Facebook may have revoked your permissions.

How do I re-authorize FaceBook?

  1. Click this link to go to Business Integrations in Facebook and click remove to disconnect Boomcaster integration. If you don’t see Boomcaster in the list of Business Integrations, try this link. Remove Boomcaster from the list of apps and websites.
  2. Log into Boomcaster, go to configuration and reconnect Boomcaster to FaceBook.
  3. Facebook will ask which permissions to grant. We don’t recommend “Edit Access”, but if you edit access, make sure to grant ALL access for the pages and groups that you want to use with Boomcaster. Make sure privacy permissions are set to Public. Click Continue.
  4. In the next step, set the privacy of the Boomcaster integration to Public. This allows everyone to see your streams. Click continue.

This completes the reauthorization process. If you are still unable to access your Facebook page/group through Boomcaster, please check Facebook rules to see if you have met the requirements to stream to your page.