Boomcaster offers a robust roles and permissions system to manage user access and responsibilities effectively. This ensures that each team member can perform their tasks efficiently while maintaining the security and integrity of your content. Below are the details of the different roles available in Boomcaster and their respective permissions.

Roles and Permissions

1. Admin

Admins have the highest level of access within Boomcaster. They are responsible for the overall management and configuration of the platform. Admin permissions include:

  • Creating an organization
  • Adding team members
  • Creating studios
  • Assigning studios to team members
  • Setting up payment details
  • Adding packages
  • Viewing invoices
  • Viewing platform utilization

2. Host

Hosts are primarily responsible for managing recording sessions. Their permissions include:

  • Creating, scheduling, and livestreaming recording sessions in studios they are assigned
  • Editing recorded media using transcripts

3. Editor

Editors have access to view recordings but have no access to session management. Their permissions include:

  • Viewing recordings for the studios they are assigned
  • Editors cannot create, schedule, or livestream recording sessions

4. Producer

Producers play a crucial role during recording and livestreaming sessions. Their permissions include:

  • Joining recording and livestreaming sessions
  • Managing participants
  • Controlling recording
  • Customizing layouts
  • Producers will not be recorded but can be seen and heard by all participants in the session
  • Producers will not appear in the live stream


Understanding the roles and permissions in Boomcaster helps in effectively managing your team and ensuring smooth operation of your recording and livestreaming activities. Assign roles based on the responsibilities of each team member to optimize your workflow.

For further assistance, please contact our support team or refer to other articles in our knowledge base.