What is composed web recording?

Primary focus of Boomcaster is to record your podcast in studio quality. This means WAV files for each participants. But we also make a secondary recording of your podcast at a quality similar to other video conferencing applications (Zoom, Skype ...

Does Boomcaster automatically archive or delete files?

Not at all. 100GB is sufficient for most users, When  you approach the available storage limit, you will start receiving notifications. You can also track storage utilization under Account Settings. You have the option to buy more storage or make...

What is a local recording?

Local recording is audio and video captured at each of the participant's computer.  There are two characteristics for these files: 1. High Quality : Media is captured directly from mic and camera. Therefore, recording is not affected by poor qua...

How much recording time do I have left?

Track recording time here: Account --> Plan and Billing

How is recording time calculated?

Recording time counter starts when you click “start recording” and it ends when you click “stop recording”. Time spent before or after the recording will not count against your monthly quota. 

Maximum number of participants

To maintain fidelity of the recording and live conversations, Boomcaster has limited maximum participants to 6, including the host. 

I’m missing recording from a participant

Not to worry. This could happen when a participant closes the browser before the recording is uploaded securely to Boomcaster.  Please click on the link below using the same browser that was used for the session. Upload will resume automatically a...

How to synchronize time on Windows 10?

Method 1: Press Windows key + r and type services.msc and press enter. Right click on Windows Time and select properties to check the status of the service. Restart the Windows Time service. Click on OK. Restart the computer Method 2: a.       Cli...

What is the lobby feature?

Lobby allows the host to have a waiting area for participants. Host can see participants in the waiting room but not hear them. If there is an allocated time slot for each guest, they can be admitted and removed by the host or producer using the L...

When guest logs on, do they have to be allowed into the recording room by the host, or can they enter on their own?

Guests have to admitted by either the host or the producer (if there is one). They remain in the lobby until they are admitted to the recording room.

Are backup recordings built into the Boomcaster platform?

Yes, every session is recorded locally and on the web. Web recording will be available on the dashboard after every recording session.

At the end of the session, does the guest have to wait for the recording to upload on their end prior to them leaving the call?

Recording is uploaded in the background while the session is being recorded. Depending on the network bandwidth, some participants might experience extended upload times. This is not very common. But they can leave the tab running and do other tas...

What's the best practice for ending the recording? Do I "Stop Recording" or "End Call"?

Best practice is to end recording first so the system gets a few seconds to finish uploading. You can also check the status of all uploads in the session view. If someone has a slow network, and the upload is taking longer, you will be able to see...

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